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Discussing, developing and applying reasonable assumptions and estimates is integral to three of the seven steps in the financial planning process.

Better risk tolerance measurement

We start by measuring online your risk tolerance personality through proven psychometric approaches consistent and demonstrated over decades of research to be a more reliability assessment of your unique personality, with measurements consistent over time.

Better financial planning 

Join forces with people expert in a durable financial planning quantitative framework, for more advanced analytics, richer granularity, deeper insights, and smarter decisions.

  • Forward-looking capital market assumptions for eight asset classes from the BlackRock Investment Institute and State Street Global Advisors Investment Solutions Group. Updated quarterly.

  • Investment correlations for our twenty-eight from Research Affiliates.

  • Inflation assumptions from the Philadelphia Fed Survey of Professional Forecasters, the Social Security Administration, CMS and Grosse Point Capital Management,. Updated quarterly.

  • Investment tax assumptions from Invesco Investment Solutions.

  • Life expectancy from the two leading actuarial organizations.


“What gets measured gets managed.”

Peter Drucker

An evidence-based approach

What we expect from capital is informed largely by assumptions. Assumptions help measure wealth and lend insight into the trade-offs necessary to meet our most enduring goals and priorities. They even provide context to help define our goals.


We assume investment returns and risks. We assume real estate and business value. We assume lifetime income and health. We even assume assumptions—that the financial research and institutional knowledge we use is competent.

​Smart assumptions drawn from financial science, institutional research and technological innovation can help inspire confidence and more trustworthy decisions.

Tailored to you

​But one assumption we will never make: your goals and needs. Our process makes sure every component of your wealth is aligned with your life goals ‒ personally, professionally and financially.

Ease of use

​We feature the top-rated RightCapital software host for advanced financial calculations  addressing financial planning, portfolio management, interactive retirement scenarios, tax-efficient strategies, and demystified estate planning.

Test any and all possibilities at the slide of a bar, AWS speed, 24/7, any device.


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