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​What if?

It's not odds, it's the risk.

Only by pooling risk with thousands of others can you guarantee a smooth flow of capital througout life.

No matter what.



““Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”

John Lennon

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A contractual guarantee

Insurance pools risk among many to provide financial security guarantees for circumstances unlikely to occur but unacceptable if they do. Insurance products such as life, disability income, health and long-term care insurance, and variable and income annuities, address circumstances vital to successful financial planning but typically not mandated by law and impossible to address only through investments.

Funded pensions and life insurance cash values are significant components of wealth, invested in insurance company general accounts overseen by state insurance commissioners who mandate conservative investing to fulfill promises that increasingly can last more than a century.

We help educate and put into place the necessary safeguards to protect your family, business and capital today and beyond.


​Insurance planning is inseparable from financial planning, impacting every component of wealth. But many investment firms lack insurance expertise. Our advisors often hold the Chartered Life Underwriters™ designation demonstrating extensive knowledge of the insurance industry,  the underwriting process, and a commitment to the highest standards of ethics.



Too important to delegate

We sell insurance and receive commissions from insurance companies for our expertise and management.

When we meet with a family with young children and a mortgage without or without enough life or disability income insurance —well, we see red lights flashing and sirens blasting. We stop, ask the tough questions, educate, and put into action the necessary work with our underwriters to put your coverage in-force.

We'd have it no other way. We know the integral role of insurance guarantees and management for proper financial planning and have the resources to put your plan in-force. Some things are just too important to refer out or delegate to some 800 number. We want to know if your contract about to lapse so we can find you and save your coverage.

If you need life, disability income or long-term care insurance, principal protection when approaching or during retirement, or seek a guaranteed lifetime income through monthly direct deposit, we help. If you need to file a claim, we represent you. And while we may be compensated by insurance companies, we still maintain a fiduciary obligation to always do the right thing for you.

As an independent brokerage, we are are product and company neutral, combining investment and insurance strategies for the same goal: to help you achieve financial security. As brokers we represent you to the insurance marketplace, avoiding any potential conflict of interest through an agency relationship with a single  company. We integrate, manage, measure and report our client's insurance coverages. For life.

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