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Enhance your Capital
for Life


Experience wealth management across the pie, and bring economic intelligence to the core of what matters most.

US Household Wealth, 2022
$158 Trillion

Our approach

Grosse Point Capital Management is a financial services practice specializing in financial planning, and investment and insurance management with a quantitative penchant removed as best as possible from qualitative conjecture.

We help productive people, families and closely-held businesses think comprehensively about wealth, markets and guarantees from a more systematic, less subjective approach grounded in financial science.


Planning together

We're CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and and Chartered Life Underwriters™ focused on the personal side of financial planning. We're fiduciaries working always in your best interests.


Working together


Grosse Point Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor and insurance brokerage providing fee-based advice and management encompassing all facets of wealth.


We help our clients achieve financial security by assessing risks and opportunities differently. Contrary to common held assumptions, It may be a stretch to assume historical investment returns will repeat. Achieving financial security may require working longer, saving more and spending less.


It's time to anticipate the possibilities of a 100 year long life.

For healthy, non-smoking 65 year old couples, most will enjoy retirement together at age 85, over one-third will have one reaching age 95, and over 10% will have one celebrating age 100.


Source: American Academy of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries, Actuaries Longevity Illustrator. Binary couple. 


Our AssumeSmart financial planning approach begins with thoughtful assumptions, for better informed savings, investing, insuring, spending and giving insights.

We approach financial planning data with epistemic humility—modesty with the information we use and what it suggests.


Our AssumeSmart planning approach seeks to capture truth better by organizing and coding all of your investment, insurance, business and LLC accounts with quarterly-updated, forward-looking general and medical inflation assumptions, and forward-looking capital market investment return, risk, correlation, capital gain and yield assumptions.


We'll even measure you before we get going.


Investments and insurance


As Registered Investment Advisors and insurance brokers we offer comprehensive advice and management for investments and insurance. We think insurance planning is just too important to outsource.


While we never charge commissions on investments or variable annuities, the CFP Board considers us fee-based advisors instead of fee-only because we receive sales-related compensation from fixed insurance products, such as life, disability income and long-term care insurance, and fixed annuities.

Insurance differ from investments in that it is regulated primarily by the States, requires underwriting, and always offers a guarantee for an expense. Compensation is what it is. 


We're independent brokers with fiduciary obligation representing you to the insurance marketplace, never agents representing a company to you. While we may lack nomenclature purity, amalgams are typically stronger.



How does your current financial advisor compare? Discover what you might be missing with an initial no obligation 20-minute introductory consultation.


Email, text or message 847.550.7100 to explore how we may add value to your life.


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